Inspiring Business by Sharing Success

Local Event, Game Changers Live - back for it's second year and Attracting Support from Across the Pond.

After the success of last year, Game Changers Live is coming back to Nottingham for 2018.

Game Changers Live is a unique event, focussed on business growth but rather than professional speakers or 'gurus' giving you the theory of growing a business, Game Changers Live finds real business owners who have built great business to come and share what they are actually doing that makes a difference. No rags to riches stories or short cuts to a big yacht, just them sharing what has worked for them.
And whilst the speakers are predominantly locally based, a chance encounter has brought one business owner all the way from America to share their biggest business building secrets in Nottingham on the 22nd of March.
Game Changers Organiser and Founder of Marketing Jumpleads, Paul Chapman explains,  
"Listening to what the Branson's of this world and the "experts" are doing, can be really inspiring and it's important to learn from them but the reality is, the majority of business owners are working in a very different world.
"They don't have millions in marketing budgets or thousands of staff to handle all the "stuff" - nor do they have the luxury of just being able to deal in the theory.  They are there, at the coal face every day, running the business, growing the business  - doing the lot.
"So whilst inspiring, the actual practical and meaningful help the "big guys" can offer on a day to day level is pretty small.  It's far more useful to hear what other "real" business owners are actually doing to grow their business today.  This is all about real business owners sharing what really works"
And that desire to hear what actual 'normal' business owners are doing seems to really hit a nerve with the event back for 2018 in one of Nottingham's biggest and most inspiring venues, The Albert Hall.  
As one of last years attendees Simon Chester - SCA put it "Game Changers Live was so incredibly useful, I read a lot and  go to a lot of events but it is often hard to relate what I learn to what is actually going on in my business.  But to hear it in such a practical "step by step" way from "real" people that had not only done it and done it well  - but were still doing it was really refreshing and it meant I could finally see how these strategies actually work in a business like mine."
To find out more about Game Changers Live, who's talking and what they will be covering (and to get get discounted tickets) head here



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