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Doctor’s Generous Donation Will Benefit Women’s Charity

A successful forensic psychologist has donated £1,000 worth of clothes and toiletries to a charity that helps women get back on their feet following their release from prison.

Dr Ruth Tully, 35, director of Nottingham based Tully Forensic Psychology Ltd, donated bags of clothes and toiletries to the Women’s Service, part of Lincolnshire Action Trust. The organisation supports vulnerable women involved in the criminal justice system, who often find themselves with nothing.

Dr Tully, said: “Many of these women find themselves having to choose between feeding their baby and buying tampons. Some of them have substance misuse problems and face adversity on their release from prison.”

Lincolnshire Action Trust works with a variety of agencies within the criminal justice system to reduce re-offending by working with offenders to address some of the issues and challenges which have resulted in their sentence. The Women’s Service, which was formed a year ago, also supports the families of women who have been in prison.

Lauren Mumby, performance and development manager at the charity, said the donation drive began six months ago when they realised there was a need for it.

She said: “We started off doing dignity packs for the women and it has grown from there. People have been very generous and the women are very grateful that people are thinking about them.

“Dr Tully is not from Lincolnshire so it is great that she has made such a big donation, she has gone above and beyond.”

Part of Dr Tully’s work includes carrying out psychological assessments in prisons, courts, and local authority services, and she has built a great reputation in the industry for the work she has done with her clients. Her business provides independent risk and need assessments in prison parole, court proceedings, family and criminal law cases.

She has given comments in the news about recent stories such as the Parole Board’s decision to approve serial sex offender John Worboys’ release from jail.

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