Inspiring Business by Sharing Success

After exhibiting at Love Business in 2017, 3D Scan Solutions is looking forward to returning to the exhibition hall this year.

We take our knowledge and experience of traditional survey methods and we apply them to the fast evolving and ever-growing discipline of 3D laser scanning.

Outside of the survey industry it seems to be a relatively unknown method of data capture although the recent BBC series “Italy’s Invisible Cities” with Alexander Armstrong has gone some way to inform people of the capabilities of laser scanning. We realised the benefit of laser scanning to our survey projects quite early on, which is why we decided to focus and specialise in this area. As with any new technology it takes time for the end user to appreciate the benefits for themselves. Put simply, this usually involves greater data capture in a faster time which in turn usually results in cost savings.

We continue to invest in the latest technologies and software and have been expanding our client base from the sectors that we work in. From 2D plans to design a new cricket stand to detailed plans of a 12th century church to 3D models of sewage works for refurbishment, we scan it all! We have yet to be approached by the BBC to scan Italy in the sunshine but it’s the hope that keeps us going on a wet Wednesday in Wigan!

For any questions about laser scanning or what we can do for you then please come and visit us on the day. We look forward to meeting you.

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