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Keeping Lincolnshire lit

McCann continues street lighting and illuminated signs maintenance in North East Lincolnshire and adds North Lincolnshire work to portfolio.

Civil and electrical engineering firm J M McCann & Co Ltd. (McCann) has won the tender to continue to maintain North East Lincolnshire’s street lighting and illuminated traffic signs, and this year the company has added the North Lincolnshire area to its portfolio.

The Nottingham-based firm has worked with North East Lincolnshire Council for over 25 years, successfully winning street lighting and illuminated signs maintenance contracts every 5 - 7 years as they’re put out to tender.

“Our tender successes demonstrate our dedication to the area and exemplary working practices over a prolonged period of time, and we are hugely proud of this achievement,” says McCann Operations Director, Carl Lancaster. “For at least the next 3 years, our teams will be responsible for keeping over 20,000 street lighting units fully functional, and over 3,500 traffic signs illuminated and operational. This will help to ensure the safety and security of people and businesses in North East Lincolnshire, and it’s a role we’ve always taken incredibly seriously.”

This continuation of McCann’s work in North East Lincolnshire - worth around £800,000 to £1m per year to the company - has been celebrated by the whole team, and McCann has made major investments in order to carry out the ongoing work to the highest standards. The business has bought over £300,000 worth of new equipment, including a new Hiab lorry and two new pick ups, and is currently going through the planning process to build a brand new office and yard in the Cleethorpes area.

“We’ve also invested in the latest technology to demonstrate our ‘green credentials’ and commitment to our ISO 14001 accreditation,” adds Carl Lancaster. “Our aim is to create a paperless environment in North East Lincolnshire, and we’ve bought 7 tablets, uploaded compatible software and we’re currently providing training to our staff to ensure they’re up to speed.”

In addition to McCann’s North East Lincolnshire maintenance work, the team will also be taking on a similar role in the North Lincolnshire area for the first time, following another successful tender process.

“We will be supporting North Lincolnshire Council’s in-house team on an ad hoc basis for maintenance works, and we’ll also be replacing over 14,000 street lighting units with LED lanterns as part of our new role,” explains Carl Lancaster. “We are delighted to be adding the North Lincolnshire area to our portfolio and we’re confident our work will help the Council make significant energy savings in the long-term. It’s hugely satisfying to deploy our street lighting and illuminated traffic signs expertise to a part of the UK we know so well.”

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