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Communications specialist to provide social Wi-Fi technology to its customers

Nottinghamshire-based telecommunications experts One Connectivity is to provide a new and growing ‘social Wi-Fi’ product to its range. The technology not only provides fast guest Wi-Fi but also provides analytics and the ability for organisations to build their online presence.

Known as SO Wi-Fi, the technology already has over 20 million users worldwide and One Connectivity’s experts are excited to add such a popular product to their range.

Paul Stevenson, Managing Director at One Connectivity explains, “SO Wi-Fi is technology that is really making a difference and we’re really keen to get involved. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi, SO Wi-Fi can help businesses with their promotion, saving both time and money, as well as providing customers with the smooth Wi-Fi experience we’ve come accustomed to expecting. Over the years at One Connectivity, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes to implement the right communication systems and we believe that SO Wi-Fi will enable us to continue expanding into different markets.”

Having already supported businesses with choosing the right broadband service, the One Connectivity team is excited to add SO Wi-Fi to its Internet services. The technology can be easily implemented by One Connectivity’s experts and has a high level of security unlike many public guest Wi-Fi connections.

As David Bird, Sales Director at one Connectivity explains, “Whenever we log on to a guest Wi-Fi in a hotel or restaurant for example, the connection isn’t necessary secure or private. This is where SO Wi-Fi is different – it’s safe and reliable with the highest level of security. At One Connectivity, we always advise our customers about the importance of backing up systems and the need for robust Internet security, and so it’s reassuring for us to be confident they’re protected if they choose to use SO Wi-Fi.”

SO Wi-Fi is currently implemented in the likes of the USA, Brazil, Australia, and here in the UK. One Connectivity hopes that with such a wide target audience, the product will help them to tap into new markets and grow as a company.

Find out more about One Connectivity at, or contact the team on 0115 896 8860.


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