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Stacey’s Bakery in ‘Bun’ Deal with Restaurant Chain

A family bakery based in Derbyshire has proved its buns are the best after landing a deal with a company that has restaurants all over the country.

Stacey’s Bakery, which has a main bakery in Ilkeston, supplies a range of its products to George’s Kitchen which has restaurants in cities including Leeds, Newcastle, Nottingham and Liverpool.

The restaurant, which is an extension of Belper born George’s Tradition fish and chips, uses a variety of products made by Stacey’s including brioche buns, ginger steamed puddings, chocolate orange tarts, Bakewell tarts, candyfloss Brulee and frangipane tarts.

In just one week Stacey’s Bakery supply George’s with £1,000 worth of its delicious products. David Stacey, owner of Stacey’s Bakery, said that by next year he will need to take on an extra staff member to deal with the George’s Kitchen order as they now doing a bigger range of products for them and supplying more restaurants.

He said: “Georges love to use local family businesses because they’re a local family business too. They started coming to the Bath Street shop for bread years ago because the chip shop used to run out and they found that our quality was good. They would sometimes buy 80 loaves a day.”

George’s Tradition chip shop went on to use a bakery in Blackburn for its bread and buns but the quality wasn’t up to scratch, so they came back to Stacey’s.

The 1,500 brioche buns supplied to George’s Kitchen each week are used for its burgers. Stacey’s Bakery, which has shops in Ilkeston, Heanor and Eastwood, also supplies products including sweetcorn pancakes and ginger steam pudding.

David added: “George’s Kitchen has a development chef who comes up with new recipes which we then produce.”

Development chef for George’s Kitchen, Duncan Poyser, said: ‘We’re absolutely obsessed with making sure that all of the dishes we serve to our customers are made using fresh ingredients, that stay true to our values and ethics of never using artificial flavourings, or preservatives, with all of our dishes being made to our very own recipes when working with our suppliers.

“We understand the importance of building close relationships with our suppliers, that is built on quality and trust, with a constant focus on making sure what we serve our customers, is the best it possibly can be. One of the suppliers that we have worked with for several years now is Stacey’s Bakery, who are renowned for their quality and commitment to using the freshest, natural ingredients like ourselves. We hope to continue working together for many years to come, ensuring we carry on serving our customers food that they can continue to trust and enjoy.”

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