Inspiring Business by Sharing Success

A Guinness world record holder and a chartered surveyor are taking the Nottingham property market by storm!

With over 34 years combined property experience, a Guinness world record holder and Chartered Surveyor have brought a much-needed new approach to property development, and in a short period of time have already secured a project cash flow of £23 million.

Andy Watts with his Guinness World Record

Earl & Pelham is a residential and mixed use, property developer based in Nottingham, transforming sites that have fallen in to disuse and re-purposing them in to beautiful, state of the art properties.

Formed by Andy Churchill, Managing Director and Andy Watts, Acquisitions Director in 2015 they have fast become recognised as a trusted property development firm in the East Midlands. Their core values and ethos makes them like no other developers - they pride themselves on being a vision for the future, with trust, integrity, honesty and results.

Andy and Andy’s goal is simple: to provide people with high-quality bespoke properties at equitable prices. So, who are Andy and Andy?

Andy Churchill is Managing Director of Earl & Pelham, as well as a shareholder. Andy has been a RICS (Royal Institution Chartered Surveyor) surveyor for over 20 years. Andy enrolled and completed the Progressive Property VIP programme and was awarded VIP newcomer of the year 2012, as well as the ‘deal of the year award 2013’. Following this, Andy set up his own deal sourcing and packaging company, Urban Village Property Investment and continued to purchase properties in his own right between himself and his wife Sarah. Andy has also written and published a book entitled ‘7 little known secrets to building your wealth through property’.

Andy Watts is Acquisition Director and a shareholder also within Earl & Pelham. Andy started his career working in the family business, Webro – Webro supply communications cables and connectors for the likes of Sky TV and is now a turning over £15million. Andy left the business in January 2015 to set up Progressive Property Network Nottingham franchise to get further into property and meet other investors, which is where Andy W met Andy C. An interesting fact about Andy Watts is that he holds a Guinness World Record in Public Speaking.

Earl & Pelham’s name derives from ‘Earls’ Wood Drive, and ‘Pelham’ Road in Nottingham which is location to their latest Earl and Pelham project. The property on Pelham Road is a 5,000-square foot, Victorian property that Earl & Pelham are converting into 10 new apartments from offices.

Andy Churchill commented, “Andy and I have over 34 years combined property experience and completed over 50 projects during this time. Our ethos is built around trust, integrity, honesty and results through delivering of quality developments and an end product that investors, builder and banks can really rely on.”

“We’re really looking forward to seeing the completed project at Pelham Road, work started in October 2017, with a view to have the new apartments completed by April 2018,” added Andy Watts.

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