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Nemaura Pharma develops and trials new pain relief treatment

Nemaura Pharma has developed an efficient and cost-effective pain-relief system for sufferers of acute arthritic-related pain.

The company – based on Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park – has developed two new gels which, in laboratory, trials achieve up to three-times faster drug penetration rate and faster onset of action.

They also provide up to 48 hours sustained impact from a single application when administered through the skin using Nemaura’s proprietary delivery system Memspatch®.

The versatile proprietary gel formulations and delivery technologies can be used with a large number of established medications to provide either a rapid or controlled slow delivery of drug formulations.

Nemaura's focus on developing a more efficient and cost-effective pain-relieving system has the potential to significantly contribute to the fast-growing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) global market valued, in 2015, at almost £9 billion per year.

Commenting on the study results, Nemaura CEO Dr Faz Chowdhury said: “Our goal is to improve the life experience of anyone affected by pain.

“We are excited by our progress, as these results bring a new product closer to market. In the past six months we have grown our team of device technologists, chemists, and scientists to 35, and plan for further expansion in 2018 on the back of these promising results."

In 2016, Nemaura received the Frost & Sullivan Global recognition of its advanced capability in skin drug delivery.

With patents secured or pending in multiple countries across numerous patent families, Nemaura aims to be one of the leading pharmaceutical technologists in this fast-growing market, which is expected to be worth £33 billion by 2018.

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