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Time to challenge executive training and development

Senior executives and business leaders need space to develop their leadership thinking, however in today’s fast paced climate, the way that development is structured and delivered needs to be adapted to reflect their time and budget demands, according to leadership development firm, Awbery.


“Leaders need to be given greater support with their development, to reflect the day-to-day pressure on them, so their development solutions must focus on achieving the greatest impact in the time they and their teams have available,” says leadership development expert and a Director at Awbery, Mary Sisson.

“Working in a fast-paced environment all too often means that valuable and needed training and development is overlooked, being seen as a time-consuming task to organise and complete,” says Mary.

“Recognising this issue, we have put together a first-class team of training advisers and coordinators at our head office, to work in partnership with our clients. They are each experienced in developing and running a programme from start to finish, in a method that is sympathetic to each business and it’s operational needs,  ensuring relevant, bespoke, fast-track training and development that fits with day-to-day operations.”

In addition, as a clear response to the escalating demands placed on business leaders and executives, Awbery has launched a new initiative ‘Awbery your Way’.

“This utilises our 25-years of knowledge and experience of delivering leadership training and development programmes, to create bespoke solutions that match individual and company objectives,” explains Mary. “Our new Impact series is integral to this initiative.

“Time to think as a leader is limited, and time to develop as a leader is rare, so their training and leadership development has to be tailored and fine-tuned to reflect these demands and the wider company vision and values, which is why we have created the Impact series,” Mary explains.

“We believe that the most successful development combines self-directed development in a blended learning approach, to deliver maximum benefits and results within specific timescales.

“Our new ‘Impact’  workshops can be completed in three hours, using three headline tools, around three key messages, to make it even easier for executives to take away and transfer immediately what they have learnt into their day-to-day working.

“Subjects are topical and address current business challenges, for example coaching skills, having tough conversations, and building personal resilience.”

For more information, email: [email protected], visit:, Tel: 01283 703828, and follow @AwberyTweet.

From its Derbyshire head office, Awbery works with private and public sector companies and multi-national organisations across the UK and Europe, delivering high-impact leadership and management development programmes, HR and coaching solutions.

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