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Leadership development company to get the East Midlands’ housing sector fit to lead

Strong leaders hold the key to realising the potential opportunities for the UK’s housing sector and its workforce, according to leading East Midlands’ training and development firm, Awbery.

Awbery specialises in working with housing sector companies, and has unveiled details of a new initiative for the UK’s housing sector, that will enable its executives and leadership teams to enhance their knowledge, skills and overall wellbeing.

The programme launches in the East Midlands with a complimentary breakfast event ‘Fit to Lead, Fit for Change.’ in Derby, designed specifically for managers in the housing sector, and led by MD Dr Howard G. Awbery and leadership development expert Mary Sisson.

Headlining the event will be the findings of Dr Awbery’s research into combatting corporate burnout, in a move to stimulate thinking and awareness around the subject.

Mary Sisson explains: “The current climate and rapidly changing environment brings significant opportunities for the housing sector to embrace workforce development and harness and develop talent in the workplace. The event will be a forum at which managers can reflect on their own leadership and enhance their copability, alongside realising the importance of wellbeing and the benefits it can bring.

 “A short impact session on Mind, Body and Leadership will also be included,” explains Mary, “to help managers in the housing sector to develop the key areas of wellbeing and resilience, so they can be fully fit to lead themselves and their teams.”

Awbery recently completed a five-year study of the research and reports into the evolution of leadership and wellbeing, confirming the growing problem of corporate burnout amongst senior executives, that now affects around 20 percent of leaders.

“Collectively, the findings underpin our belief that leadership wellbeing at work, in physical, emotional and personal development capacities, has a huge impact on individual  leadership performance,” explains Mary, “and a profound influence on the culture they create.”

Dr Awbery continues: “We have developed our Fit to Lead programme to equip business leaders with the knowledge and skills to ensure their wellbeing at work, by addressing all the vital components of how leaders in the housing sector can ensure their minds and bodies remain in the very best of health in the face of pressure and long working hours.”

For more information about the complimentary breakfast event at The Riverside Centre, Riverside Court, Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8HY on Friday 1st December 2017 and to book you place:  

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