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Employment Tribunal Fee Scrapping: What Does It Mean For Notts Businesses?

CLEGGS Solicitors will be hosting a breakfast seminar to educate Nottingham's employers on the recent Supreme Court announcement that the fees associated with bringing employment tribunal claims are no longer payable.



The seminar, which is being held on Wednesday 27 September at 8:15am at the Brewhouse & Kitchen, West Bridgford, will explain what this will mean for Nottingham's employers, as lawyers are predicting an increase in claims following this historic announcement. 

Referred to as the 'most significant judicial intervention in the history of British employment law', this development means that employees looking to take out a claim, which would have previously cost them up to £1,200 in fees, will no longer have to pay out and are able to progress a claim without being charged.

"This means that employers now face potential issues that they're going to need to consider moving forward," said Emma Tegerdine, associate and employment specialist at Cleggs Solicitors.

"During the seminar, we will be looking at why employment tribunal fees were introduced, the impact these had on the number of claims being submitted and what will happen now that they have been scrapped.

"Educating businesses on whether fees will be required in order to defend tribunal claims and what employers can do to minimise the risk of claims are two really important and practical elements to the seminar," continued Emma.

The new ruling means that there is now the potential for historic claims to be made so Cleggs Solicitors will be advising businesses as to how best to protect their business and what to do should such a situation arise.

The decision to scrap tribunal fees came after a long battle by the unions, ending with the ruling that the fees were now considered to be 'inconsistent with access to justice' as claims had significantly dropped since its introduction.

"Now that there isn't a cost attributed to employment tribunals I would expect to see an increase in the number of claims and employers need to put suitable measures in place to ensure that they are suitably prepared for any potential eventualities.

"Employers are going to have to think very carefully before taking actions which may leave them open to potential claims.

"This will be a really helpful and informative seminar – we always have a fantastic turnout so I would expect this to be no different," continued Emma.

To book a place on the seminar, contact Emma at [email protected] with details of your name, organisation and email address.

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