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Derby MD Shares Her Top Tips For Motivating Your Workforce

HR Specialists Employee Benefits and employee engagement advisors Red Letter Days Motivates have launched 'Motivation Week' this week (18 September) to inspire businesses to think about the ways in which they can keep employees motivated.


Mary Maguire of Astute


Mary Maguire, MD of Derby-based recruitment business Astute Recruitment, shares her top four tips for enthusing your work force to increase productivity, performance and profits.

  1. Reward schemes should encourage team spirit

"At Astute we have a physical reward system, which we call our 'reward board'. Team members complete numbered tasks from the board, which correspond to a reward. Once all of the rewards have been claimed, they can be 'cashed in'" said Mary.

"This way, the whole team is working towards the same goal rather than one or two people receiving special benefits."

  1. Rewards don't need to cost an arm and a leg

"We offer rewards such as late starts or an early finish on a Friday, which have no upfront cost" said Mary.

"People's time is valuable to them, and the promise of an extended weekend is often a better motivator than expensive gifts."

  1. Set goals that everyone can achieve

"It's not just our recruiters that take part in our reward scheme – everyone from senior management to our admin team has tasks that they can complete.

"By bringing everyone together for a common aim and treating them the same, everyone knows that they matter, which is key to a happy team."

  1. Motivation isn't just down to employers

"Although senior teams can put reward systems in place, employees may have their own suggestions for increasing morale –especially since they are the ones on the ground.

"HR managers and senior staff should invite suggestions from employees, as a business will reap many benefits from having a work force that is well-motivated and working towards goals that inspire and enthuse them."

Astute Recruitment is a multi-award winning accountancy recruitment agency offering bespoke solutions to clients and helping candidates to find suitable positions in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and North West Leicestershire.

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