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Nottingham consultancy signs armed forces covenant

A Nottingham-based consultancy organisation has formally pledged to support the Armed Forces Community.

Managing Director Pino de Rosa and Lt Col Peter Fisk sign the Armed Forces Covenant

Bridgeway Consulting based on Riverside Way in Nottingham, signed the Armed Forces Covenant today (7 September) making a commitment to support those who currently or have previously served in the Armed Forces. Currently employing four reservists and a number of ex-service personnel in Nottingham, the organisation also has five other locations around the country each providing consultancy and contracting services in a variety of industries from civil engineering to asset management.

After achieving a Ministry of Defence Bronze Award in the Employer Recognition Scheme, Bridgeway Consulting Ltd wanted to further their commitment to supporting their employees who are a part of the Armed Forces Community by signing the Covenant.

Mark Lindahl, Director of Site and Ground Investigation at Bridgeway Consulting, said: “Signing the Covenant is a positive step in showing the wider community the commitment we have to those who serve in the Armed Forces as either a regular or a reserve.

“As an ex-serviceman I hold the values and work ethos taught to me in the highest regard. Ex-servicemen and women are a known quantity to us as a business and we feel we bring the best of their skills to the fore-front and help them realise their potential once their full-time career has come to an end. Each individual that wishes to continue serving as a reservist we thoroughly support, and are flexible in our approach to allowing them timeout for training and deployment as required.”

Bridgeway Consulting have formed a strong working relationship with the Army’s 530 Specialist Team Royal Engineers (Materials) with whom several of the business’s employees served during their careers.

The organisation’s Drilling Manager is currently serving as a reservist with the team and the training he undertakes with the unit is largely beneficial to his
colleagues at Bridgeway.

Mark continued: “We have a mutually beneficial relationship with 530 Specialist Team Royal Engineers (Materials) where we utilise their training
area and in return we train members of the unit in new techniques and market standards.

“This link with the team is an excellent way for those of us who have gained more than we can ever put into words from our military careers to pay back to the Corps that helped to form who we are today.”

Catherine Suckling, the Ministry of Defence’s Assistant Regional Employer Engagement Director for the East Midlands, explained: “Bridgeway Consulting employ many service leavers many of which have brought a lot of transferable skills into the business such as the ability to positively communicate with clients, resolve problems and organise or plan projects in a precise manner.

“The company took part in Reserves Day in June this year, as well as hosting a casual dress day in which people were encouraged to come into the office in military inspired colours. Staff also organised a collection for the Royal British Legion over the summer period, so signing the Covenant is a positive next step in the organisations declaration of support.”

Bridgeway Consulting’s Managing Director Pino de Rosa explained: “From our prospective it makes good business sense to have service leavers and reservists involved in our work at Bridgeway and we are seeing the benefits of that. Obviously it is a two-way street so some of our employees are also takingknowledge back into the military environment within their role as reservists. The employees we have that have come from the military are diligent and wel lorganisedwhich is a great thing all round.”

The Covenant was signed by Bridgeway Consulting’s Managing Director Pino de Rosa and Lieutenant Colonel Peter Fisk, Assistant Commander of 170
Engineer Group, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, during a signing event at Bridgeway Consulting’s offices in Nottingham.

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