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KH Hair goes green!

New eco-friendly disposable towels are so popular, clients are taking them home!

East Midlands salon group, KH Hair, has upped its green credentials by replacing traditional cotton towels with biodegradable, disposable ones and clients are so impressed, they're even asking to take them home. And feedback has revealed they're brilliant for cleaning windows and glass around the house!

More absorbent than cotton, the new towels are made from 100% soft and natural biodegradable wood fibres sourced from sustainably managed forests and KH Hair Managing Director, Darren Messias says feedback from clients has been really positive.

"Not only do they enjoy being treated to a fresh new towel every time they visit the salon,  they've even been taking them home to use as a cleaning cloth.  Apparently, their super-absorbency is brilliant for window cleaning and they are being used again and again which is great to know."

The bleach-free towels can be disposed of with any other biodegradable waste such as food or brown card recycling and will decompose within three months.  They can also be added to normal rubbish for landfill where they will break down and leave no blight on the environment.

Debbie McMenamin, Salon Director of KH Hair's Nottingham and West Bridgford salons said: "Clients have received them really well as they fully understand the need to conserve the world's resources.  From a customer service  point of view, my team are spending much less time preparing towels which means they have more time to spend with their clients."

Darren added: "Not only are the towels more hygienic for our clients but, we're not wasting any energy washing and drying them as we would have to with normal cotton towels -  and that's got to be good news for the business and for the environment."

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