Inspiring Business by Sharing Success

Kevin Hudson

Founder at The Remarkable Change Company & Customer Experience Manager at Magni-Eye Ltd



Kevin Hudson is a 22 year old entrepreneur with experience in startup entrepreneurship, property and social media (content) marketing. He is currently sharing his time and energy between two projects:

1. The Remarkable Change Company. A startup business dedicated to challenging the status quo of education and youth employment/careers. His vision is to radically transform the outdated and failing UK education system. Outside of education TRCC is an opportunity creator for young people, with a focus on entrepreneurship.

2. TimeSaved by Magni-eye - the property inventory app for residential and holiday lettings. Magni-eye was founded by Kevin's mother, Rachel Hudson, with a mission to support property organisations and professionals in successfully adapting to technological innovation.


Kevin attended the south Derbyshire schools Foremarke Hall (6-13) and Repton (13-18). He then attempted University twice, leaving both within two months for various reasons... the biggest reason being a yet-to-be-realised desire for starting his own business.

He says:

"The greatest lessons of my childhood came from my entrepreneurial grandparents and mother, from whom my drive, ambition, and knowledge were birthed."

"My mission is two fold. 1) I want to help my mum succeed in her property technology venture. 2) I want to support as many students and professionals in adapting to change, in order to succeed and achieve their own visions and dreams."