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Articles Criteria for the COVID-19 Business Support Hub

We want people with relevant expertise to contribute, here's the criteria to get your article featured:

We've split this support into three categories: 


Focus on what you can do

Suggestions, how to guides, and practical helpful 'stuff' businesses can do if they have had to close, reduce hours, or simply have more time as the COVID-19 impact takes hold.
In this section we're looking for: 
  • Organisations providing FREE support
  • How to use downtime effectively and innovate
  • How to keep your customers informed and engaged

Please submit your FOCUS articles here


Your people and their wellbeing

In these scary times, what practical helpful 'activities' businesses can do to equip their leadership teams and support the wellbeing of their people.

What we're looking for here is:
  • How provide options, stay connected, help people
  • How to develop flexible working procedures
  • How to comply with any relevant laws

Please submit your PEOPLE articles here


Cashflow and business continuity

With the business support announced by the PM and Chancellor on Friday, it feels like there's a lot of support out there. But no businesses owner has experienced anything like this.

You've probably worked it out, practical steps to:
  • Protect cashflow, minimise overheads, keep going
  • Highlighting possible risk WITH what can be done
  • How leaders can drive their business through this

Please submit your CONTINUITY articles here

What we want and how to get your articles published


1) Keep it simple and focused on a single issue

The x3 core 'rolling news pages will stay close to the top of the COVID-19 news page. These pages will be updated to link to the most relevant article. So a good tip is to pick a bullet point off one of those pages - and create an article, how to guide, etc. Feel free to point this out in your editor notes.


2) Your branding and credentials

We're looking for expert advice, so what makes you an expert? Think a single paragraph here, not war and peace. We'll happily feature a photo of you, include branding - but it needs to be easy for us. So a good tip here is get a photo of you (or something/someone relevant) with your branding in the background. The resolution needs to be high, we can sample down but if the quality is poor we won't feature it.


Here's a great example of what we're looking for from Peter Anderton - scroll down the page to see how the branding and credentials works.


3) Links to other websites

The only websites we'll promote with 'links off the page' are Government and/or recognised agencies. However, we will happily feature your website address within the branding paragraph.


4) What needs to be contained within the article

We want well structured, concise articles which are 'self contained' - so unless you are referencing a specific piece of legislation, Govenment grant or funding page, etc, the 'information in the page' should provide the answers or guidance.

• Genuine business advice related to Covid-19

• Top tips and ideas

• How-to guides (PDF's which can be downloaded from the page)

• Links to useful sources of official information (such as grant funding etc)

Your downloads can obviously carry branding, but primarily it needs to be helpful, informative and not an overt sales pitch.


We are not looking for general Covid-19-related:




5) Join our 'positive community'

This isn't a mandatory criteria, however those within our community will be favoured over those who are not - we don't charge to add an article, all we ask is it has a positive message, is helpful and follows the directives set out on this page.

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We still want your good news


We’ll continue to publish all your good business news stories from across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and the rest of the East Midlands on our main news site.

This will include any updates you may have about your business and what it is doing to help customers during the Covid-19 crisis.

Our usual editorial guidelines will apply, and our news team will use their discretion to upload any relevant advice pieces to the main Love Business News page, as appropriate.

Please continue to send any general news stories to